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Dealing With Adult Incontinence

Posted by Raymond on 12/2/2013
Learning how to handle adult incontinence can be a tricky and embarrassing matter for anyone. Millions of male and female Americans suffer from adult incontinence caused by many factors. You can learn how to deal with adult incontinence for a happier life by following a healthy path and using beneficial products. 

As you strive to control your condition, urinary incontinence products are extremely helpful. Wearing adult diapers is useful for a sense of security, and it is preferable at periods when accidents are more common. Men can even order diapers that are shaped like normal underwear. Underpads are slimmer, more convenient options for infrequent and low-flow adult incontinence. Older adults may prefer to wear an adult diaper during the day and night if their condition is severe. Using soothing aloe wipes help to cleanse the skin and reduce irritation. If you experience rashes or other symptoms, use lotions and sanitizer to heal the area. 

Some additional advice for treating adult incontinence can help you gain control immediately. Your diet may also affect how you are able to handle incontinence, so avoid bladder-flaring foods like caffeine, super-spicy dishes, citrus juice,  tomato sauce and alcohol. Extra pounds cause your bladder to malfunction, so shed some weight through exercise and a healthy diet. Many forms of adult urinary incontinence can be treated with pelvic floor strengthening exercises, medications, surgery, medical devices or lifestyle adjustments with an 80 percent success rate. Remember to limit the amount of fluids you drink before bedtime to control night-time urges. 

Painful and uncomfortable urinary tract symptoms do not have to remain part of your life. Adult urinary incontinence products are the easiest way to handle the situation without interrupting life. Over time, healthy action combined with the right treatment leads to a decreased frequency of instances and even the elimination of urinary symptoms.