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Essential Parts of a Home First Aid Kit

Posted by Raymond on 11/29/2013
Accidents happen, so it is important always to be prepared. Keeping a home first aid kit in a convenient location is a great idea, and there are several important items that every first aid kit needs. Stock up on these must-have items to keep your family safe when things go wrong. 

Golden Age Medical offers a wide range of items for first aid and wound care to fill your kit and keep you prepared for any situation that arises. Dressings are available in adhesive, foam, composite, non-adherent and hydrocolloid varieties. Conforming bandages keep larger wounds dry and protected. Liquid bandage preparations keep smaller wounds clean and are excellent for preventing blisters and calluses. Support an injured joint on a moment's notice with a tubular bandage. Find cleansers of all kinds to keep cuts, scrapes or larger wounds free of dirt and germs to avoid infection. Purchase gauze to dress a burn or laceration so that bandages and fabrics do not stick to the wound. Choose from silk adhesive or cloth tapes as fasteners; transparent tapes are also available. Use these to keep dressings firmly in place without hurting delicate skin. When the wound is deep enough to require stitches, wound-closure strips are gentle on skin while providing the necessary strength to keep the wound closed until you are able to get to a hospital.

Shop with Golden Age Medical to be prepared for scrapes, cuts, bruises and other emergencies that occur. Create a complete home first aid kit to keep your family safe and healthy from their vast array of supplies for injury and wound care. Bandages, cleansers, dressings, gauze, tapes and wound closures are just a few of the key items that every effective home first aid kit must contain, and Golden Age Medical offers these and more.